Important Tips for Managing Your Research Data





Research studies generate a copious amount of data and researchers must effectively organize, maintain, and archive the data for increased quality and enhanced research impact. Enago conducted an insightful webinar which discussed the lifecycle of research data and the data quality characteristics essential to get the most out of the available information. The webinar focused on explaining to researchers the importance of good research data management practices and how one can devise a useful data management plan. This session also explained the principles of data sharing and reuse, role of data repositories, and how AI can support data management.

Researchers will learn:

  • Introduction to Research Data
  • How to Improve Research Data Quality
  • Research Data Management
  • Data Repositories and their Role in Research Data Management
  • Principles of Data Sharing and Reuse
  • Role of AI in Research Data Management

About the Speaker:

Dr. Fiona Murphy

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Dryad Data Repository, STM Journals Publisher, and Scholarly Communication Expert

Dr. Murphy is an independent publishing consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the scholarly publishing industry. She is the owner of Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd. advising institutions, learned societies, and commercial publishing companies about research data and its collection, management, storage re-use, and access requirements. She is currently a board member of the data repository, Dryad and an Editorial Board Member of the Data Science Journal. Along with holding an Associate Fellowship at the University of Reading, she is also a member of the peer-review board of Research Data in the Earth Sciences, Data2Paper, and Belmont Forum, and a co-Chair of WDS-RDA Publishing Data Workflows Working Group and Force11 Scholarly Commons Working Group.

Dr. Murphy is DPhil in English Literature from the University of Oxford and has collaborated with several reputed publishers like Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Academic, and Earth and Environmental Sciences at Wiley in past. She has also written and presented widely on data publishing, Open Data, and Open Science.

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