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Understanding research metrics is fundamental for researchers to be able to assess the scholarly impact at the author and journal-level. While citation metrics are prominently used to quantify and determine the quality of scientific publications, alternative metrics (altmetrics) compliment this traditional approach by providing insights on how readers are engaging with the research output online. Enago conducted an insightful webinar in collaboration with Researcher on citation databases, related metrics, and ways to interpret them as a measure of research excellence.

Researchers will have an improved understanding of the following:

  • An overview of Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, and Altmetrics
  • Role of citation analysis (citation metrics) and its significance
  • How to measure research impact using research metrics (Journal, Article, and Author metrics)?
  • Citation databases and their features
  • Applications of citation-based indicators
  • Personalizing feeds through Researcher app

About Researcher (https://www.researcher-app.com/)

Researcher’s mission is to become the world’s leading discovery platform for scientists and researchers. They make it as easy as possible to stay up to date with the latest and most relevant papers, so scientists and academics can concentrate on moving their research work forward.  Founded in 2017 and based in London, UK, Researcher has over 1.6m users from across the globe.

About the Speakers

Despina Sanoudou, Ph.D. (Cambridge), FACMG (Harvard)

An established researcher, public speaker, and published author, Dr. Sanoudou is an award-winning medical researcher with 178 publications in renowned medical/biomedical journals. The impact of her work is demonstrated by the 4,981+ citations that she has to her credit. She is also the recipient of more than 20 research grants. Dr. Sanoudou has worked as a coordinator for an international genomics/pharmacogenomics program and as a fellow with Genzyme and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She was a post-doctoral fellow as well as an instructor at Harvard Medical School. As a Publication and Training Consultant with Enago Academy, she conducts webinars and workshops to help researchers understand the nuances of academic writing and publishing. To date, Dr. Sanoudou has attended >200 national and international conferences as an invited speaker, served as a peer reviewer for 41 international journals, and chaired several seminars. She is also on the editorial board of multiple international scientific journals.

Dr. Jonathan Cremers, Senior Product Manager at Researcher

Jonathan Cremers holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. His research was supervised by Professor Harry Anderson and focused on the investigation of electronic communication in heterometallated porphyrin nanostructures. In 2018, Jonathan joined Researcher—an app designed by academics, for academics. With over 16,000 journals across 10 research areas, Researcher helps research scholars build personalized feeds to keep up-to-date with the academic literature.


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